Massibec offers many fresh and tasty pie options, that help complement any meal. Our pies’ incomparable taste and flakiness, are achieved thanks to our respect for traditional family recipes, use of fresh toppings, all combined with a dough prepared by hand. All our toppings are produced of high-quality ingredients, grown directly on our farm. This allows us to offer fresh and delicious products that you’re likely to enjoy at the end of each meal.

We have several pie options: strawberry pie, blueberry pie, cream fudge pie, apple pie, raspberry pie, four-fruit pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, among others. We use the same cooking methods as those used by expert industry chefs.

Whether or not you want to treat yourself after a meal, or surprise your family or guests during small or bigger gatherings, or simply satisfy your sweet tooth, our pies are the answer.

Enjoy our pies anywhere and at any time. You won’t be able to resist them. Our selection of pies is available for sale at several stores throughout Quebec.