Bring the Country to your plate!

The village of Champlain is located in the Mauricie region, and is home to the Massicotte family and its fertile fields that stretch along the St. Lawrence River. With products representative of the freshness and flavors of the region, La Ferme Paul Massicotte & Fils offers you a small part of the country with its products sold under the Massibec name. They are guaranteed to delight your taste buds.

At Massibec, we invite you to share a sensory quality experience, thanks to our fine cuisine. Fill your taste buds with our many varieties of salads, pies and desserts at affordable prices.

Fueled by a strong respect of tradition and family, we deliver the finest culinary experience directly to your table. Through high quality food, we are committed to serving greatness each and every day. By having at our disposition, a large array of premium quality resources consolidated by years of expertise, we develop amazing experiences to delight our customers. Each of our products are made by expert chefs. We also use best quality farm-grown ingredients coupled with local and popular flavors to enhance your culinary experience.

Our menu is inspired and crafted in harmony with our customers’ tastes, which really helps us create fresh products with which they can live pleasant moments. Whatever your taste, the combination of quality food products and our meals that are prepared with fresh ingredients will make you fall in love with our offers. To add to this, all our operations follow a state-of-the-art process.

With our desire to promote a healthy lifestyle, we have perfected our processes and refined our recipes over time. We create pies, desserts and salads that everyone will love, ranging from the picky toddler to your grandma.
Our products, elegant and rich, are suitable for every occasion, taste and style.




Ingredients used to produce our salads :

The cabbage production directly on the farm allows us to choose from varieties of cabbage meeting precise criteria, giving our salads incomparable sweetness and freshness. We also offer a range of prepared salads, meeting high standards of quality, to go with your meals.
Try them out!



Ingredients used to produce our pies :

The respect for recipes, home-made garnishes and pastes, gives Massibec’s tarts an incomparable and flaky taste. They are made from strawberries grown directly on the farm, and of high-quality ingredients.
Enjoy them with delight!



Ingredients used to produce our desserts :

Our delicious pudding with maple syrup. Delight guaranteed!

Massibec Today

  • Our Company has 31 years of experience.
  • A wide distribution network: we supply products to hundreds of clients twice a week.
  • Top-of-the-line products under the Massibec label (Salads, Pies and Desserts).
  • Products intended for grocery stores and restaurants, as well as others developed for private brands.
  • A rigorous quality control program FSSC 22000 certified.
  • Finished products include cabbages, broccoli, cauliflower, celery and strawberries grown on our farm.
  • A family business successfully led by Mr. André and Louis Massicotte.
  • This success is made possible thanks to our great team of 40 employees!


29 June 2017

Massibec will participate in the national event initiated by Loblaws (Eat together)

Massibec and the Massicotte farm’s whole team will eat together around a good BBQ, with of course on the menu, among others, Massibec salads and tarts. We would like to thank our client Loblaws for inviting us to participate in this event.